Inheritance Genealogy

Origins :

Photographie d'un arbre généalogiqueIn 1830, a solicitor responsible for settling an inheritance gave one of his clerks the task of drawing up a genealogical table for the family of the deceased.
After over a year of travelling throughout France and carrying out major searches, remuneration for these searches began to pose a problem.
From that moment, the profession of Inheritance Genealogist was born with a remuneration contract between the Genealogist and the heir.


Settlement of all inheritances:

Our work makes the settlement of inheritances possible in case of several or all heirs are unknown.
We first search and find the heirs, then we represent them in the settlement.
Our international competence enables us to respond to needs for all types of searches to be carried out in most countries throughout the word.
We can also search for addresses of known heirs that can't be found.
We give our guarantee in each settlement in which we are involved.

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Search for owners, landowners and shareholders:

Developed properties or properties ownership can request the search of the present owners in order to sell them.

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Our Fee:

- The heirs are known but we need to check that no heirs have been omitted. We draw up a certified genealogical table for a moderate inclusive fee.

- The heirs are not clearly identified or located; some know the deceased but are not aware of their rights. We have to establish family connections and the order of heirs. We offer a mandate contract. (known as a rights justification contract).

- The heirs are totally unknown. They all have to be identified and their rights revealed to them. The revelation contract provides for a level of fees to match the complexity of the searches and covers the heir against all risk of liabilities.

- The estate is of little value. To keep things simple, we suggest an inclusive fee.

Our aim: to provide a quality service appropriate to each situation.